Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Treasures of her Childhood

I absolutely love Christmas!  All you bah-humbug people, I do not understand you! Okay, I'll try.  But really...I don't.  Since I was a little girl, I've collected Christmas ornaments.  Our daughter Caitlin is celebrating her first Christmas as a Mrs., so last night after family dinner, I got to share some treasures from her childhood.  We spent over an hour sitting on the floor of my living room, opening boxes of Christmas decorations, sharing memories, and choosing the things that will be hers from now on. My heart was full of joy as she carefully chose the things she wanted: the handmade "jewel ornaments" lovingly made by her Pappy, the little nutcracker, the pretty blue star, the tiny silver teapot. She was positively tickled to have my snowman cookie jar, and the red bead garland for her tree. As we wrapped the winners in tissue paper and tucked them all in a big blue rubbermaid tub, I smiled as I thought of my son-in-law Cameron dragging it all back out again next year, like my husband has done for thirty-two Christmases.  I sighed contentedly, and thought how quickly 


...becomes this...

....and this.. 

I promise.  You blink, and they're grown. 

That blue rubbermaid tub does contain treasures from her childhood. It was such a joy to give them to her! I pray one day she'll sit on the floor with her little girl, filling a big blue box with holiday memories. But the real treasures of her childhood aren't wrapped in tissue paper or hanging on a tree.  The real treasures we have to give are the  strong love we all have for each other; the 'No D-word' commitment to marriage her Daddy and I share; the forgiveness that marks our family relationships, even the complicated ones; the faith that guides and sustains us;  the beautifully raucous noise of our home..brothers and sisters and dogs and music and friends and cooking and laughter;  and most precious-the absolute certainty that in spite of ourselves, God loves us without reservation or condition. That's the real family treasure.  What real treasure do you have to share with your kids? Why not share in a comment!

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