Tuesday, August 26, 2014


"And he did rescue us from mortal danger, and he will rescue us again. We have placed our confidence in him, and he will continue to rescue us." 2 Corinthians 1:10

The morning was so peaceful.  I was enjoying the beautiful view from my window, sipping my coffee, reading devotions and email.  Suddenly, there was a ruckus outside. As I stepped onto the porch, I could tell the commotion was coming from the downspout.   Obviously, some small creature had slipped into the downspout from the gutter on the roof above, and was trapped inside.  In order to prevent the downspout water from gushing into the flower bed below it, my husband had attached a small elbow, which causes the water to flow underneath the rocks and into a drain.  For our critter-friend, that meant no way out but up the pipe, and the inside is too slippery for climbing.  So the frantic sound I heard was the panic of the creature who discovered there was no way out. That panic stirred compassion in me, I had to do something.

Now, those who know me know that I am not handy in the least.  I can tell a phillips screwdriver from a flathead, and that’s the sum total of my fix-it knowledge.  So how am I going to get this whatever-it-is out of my downspout?  I called Gene, who cheered me on, but offered no help.  Thanks honey.  I put on long sleeves and gloves, just in case whatever was stuck in there was grumpy or rabid, gathered some screwdrivers (both phillips and flathead) and headed for the porch.  After a few minutes of removing screws, I was able to push the sections apart just enough to see a fuzzy brown head.  It took just a minute longer to separate them wide enough to see the captive inside.  There, looking up at me with shiny black eyes, was a very small chipmunk.  It took him a second to realize he was free, then off he went into the forest.  I was so thrilled.  I rescued the little guy!

I thought as I went back inside how Jesus rescued me.  When I was without hope and without God, He drew me to Himself.  As Pastor Ed shared the gospel on that winter Sunday morning in 1989, I heard Him call, and I wanted Him to rescue me.  Setting the little captive free this morning was a small kindness that made a life and death difference to that creature.  How much more should we have compassion on the thousands of people in our cities who have no way out unless we share Jesus, the Rescuer, with them?  Do you know someone who needs the rescue only God can give?  You can do something! Invite them to go to church with you this weekend.  Share your story.  Help them find their way.

Prayer for Today:  Father, thank you for rescuing me from sin, for giving me new life and freedom in Christ.  Open my eyes to the needs of those around me.  Grant me boldness, that I may lead them to You.  In Jesus name, Amen.


Veda Eddy said...

Thank you for the reacue story. Somewhere there is a chipmunk who thanks you too.

Leslie said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Veda!

Dana said...

Too cute!!! A real life "Rescue Ranger"!

Carissa Shaw said...

I have most definitely needed rescuing that only God could provide! Thank you for this wonderful post and reminder.