Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Titus Twosdays: It's Flex Time!

My kids aren't little anymore, but I haven't forgotten the frustration that comes from "not getting everything done" because of  mischievous, super-active, or just plain fussy little ones.  Like it was yesterday, I remember the disappointment of getting to the end of a loooong day, having scratched only one or two items off my to-do list because my kids were so needy.  You can relate, right?  You wanted to spend the morning paying bills, mopping the floor and folding the laundry, and none of that happened because the baby is teething and your two year old can't seem to get this potty-training thing down and spent the day in melt-down mode.  Been there?

Listen, I understand that many deadlines are firm, and some plans can't be changed.  But the vast majority of tasks on my list were things I could rearrange, if I had to.  Looking back, I wish I'd been less rigid about keeping a schedule, and more in tune with the needs of my children.  I wish I had known that of all the skills in my parenting tool kit, I would need flexibility the most. 

Sometimes, shifting the attention of a toddler is all it takes to turn a fussy day into a happy one.  If the potty training is going badly, and the baby is fussy, instead of fretting that your day isn't going according to plan, why not change the plan?  Be flexible.  I promise, nothing bad will happen if the floor gets mopped tomorrow. No governments will topple if the laundry isn't folded.  What if you said to your daughter "This day is not fun.  Let's make it fun!" and had a "picnic" lunch in the family room while you snuggle the fussy baby?  

What if, instead of planting the  baby in the Exersaucer, and your son in front of a DVD while you try to pay the bills.... 

you baked some brownies with your little helper, or went outside for a "hike"?  I sooo wish I had done more of that.  

Sometimes, we rode around in these.....

And sometimes we made cities and towers from these.....  
And sometimes, we ate these out in the backyard, or at the park....

But I wish we had done it more.  
So take some older-mommy wisdom and apply it to your younger-mommy life:
Be flexible.  Go ahead.  Ditch the schedule once in a while.  You won't regret it, I promise!

Today's Verse: Children are a blessing and a gift from the LORD.   Psalm 127:3 CEV

Prayer for Today:  Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of my children.  Help me to let them know how valuable and precious they are by putting their needs before my chores.  Help me to hide Psalm 127:3 in my heart, so I always remember what's more important to you.  Amen.


Natasha said...

Even though I no longer have babies and toddlers, i needed to hear this. My older kids require Mom time, too! Sometimes I tend to forget this since they're older and a little less "needy". Thanks for the reminder, Leslie.

Leslie Oden said...

So true! I have 3 teens at home, and I love to be here when they come home from school. They are so busy with activities and friends that, sometimes, the only times I see them are breakfast, after school and bedtime! I love taking family vacations to a cabin in the mountains (we like Mentone, AL) because with few distractions (and bad cell phone coverage!), we get lots of time to just hang out. Teens need that more that they will admit...what with them being so cool and all... :o)