Monday, November 28, 2011

Tea for Two

Saturday night, Gene and I enjoyed tea together as he finished his preparations for Sunday morning's message. As I put the kettle on, I smiled, thinking about twenty years of Saturday night teatimes with my best guy. 

When Gene was a young worship leader, our Saturday nights were filled with preparations for church the next day. He travelled for business four or five days of every week, so our weekends together were precious. Many Saturday nights, Gene would put the final touches on the music for Sunday while I tucked our freshly bathed, wiggly children into their beds. Then I would tiptoe down the stairs to the kitchen and put the kettle on.  I would bring a tray of Typhoo tea, milk and sugar, and maybe some scones or cookies to the living room, where we would collapse on the couch and enjoy tea and quiet conversation before bed. 

The last few months have been very challenging for us, and little things like Saturday night tea bring a little calm in the storm. There is something about choosing a teapot and cups from my collection (started as a new bride almost 31 years ago), setting my tea tray, and brewing a pot of tea that quiets my anxious thoughts, and reminds me the best things in life really are free...or nearly free.  In this season of careful spending and budget nips and tucks, it costs about 50 cents for a pot of tea, milk & sugar, and some little tea biscuits.  That's a whole lot of comfort and quality time for the money :o)  

Leave a comment and share your ideas for thrifty QT with your spouse!


Joyce Thrasher said...

That is so sweet...I love it!

anything but LoKEY said...

Shaun and I have become addicted to our green tea time every night. We snuggle on the couch and it totally helps us unwind from the day. Not to mention, curb any desire for unruly late night snacking. ;)

Leslie Oden said...

Thanks, girls! Anna, that's a great tip for bridling the snack-monster! Husbands and wives who are parents of large families need to find small moments of calm together, because we are unlikely to get even an hour to ourselves!! lol