Tuesday, October 14, 2008


No, I will not abandon you as orphans—I will come to you. John 14:18 NLT

“A Michigan mother drove roughly 12 hours to Omaha, so she could abandon her 13-year-old son at a hospital under the state's unique safe-haven law, Nebraska officials said Monday. There was no sign the boy was in immediate danger before he was abandoned early Monday……” -excerpted from an article by Jean Ortiz and Josh Funk, AP writers

This happened yesterday morning! I was speechless when I read this article. A 13 year old boy’s mother-his mother!- drove 12 hours with her son in the car, so she could abandon him at a Nebraska hospital! I’m the mother of a 13 year old boy, so this article hit me hard. Though this law was written to keep desperate mothers from abandoning their newborns in bus stations and dumpsters, it has turned into something lawmakers never intended. In cases where abuse and neglect cannot be proven, there are no consequences for the parent who simply walks away from their child. Appalling! I love my son John more than I can even say, and can’t understand any mother doing such a desperate thing. The article says the boy was in no immediate danger, but I beg to differ. I think he is in grave emotional and spiritual danger. What must’ve been going through his head as he realized Mom was dropping him off….for good? And by the person who’s supposed to love him more than anyone else! He must be wondering “What’s wrong with me?” “Does anyone care about me?” “Do I matter?”

As I thought about this poor boy being abandoned, I was reminded of the verse above, in John chapter 14. God has said to us that He will NEVER abandon us! Though we disappoint and disobey Him, His mercy is new every morning. Though our sin separated us from Him, He sent Jesus to build a bridge back to Himself. The Bible says when we receive Christ, we’re are adopted as sons (and daughters!) into His forever family, NEVER to be abandoned or cast away.

We’re surrounded by people who’ve been broken, rejected or abandoned by those who should have loved them. Our paths cross every day. How will they know this kind and loving Father who will never, ever abandon them? How will they know unless we tell them? I wish I could tell this young boy that God cares. That he does matter, and that God has a plan for his life. Every Sunday and Wednesday at Crossroads, we have the honor of leading someone to Christ for the first time, or seeing them renew their commitment to serve Him. The message that God will never abandon us is life changing. Whose life will you change today?

Prayer for today: Heavenly Father, Thank You that You will never abandon me. Open my eyes to those around me who need to hear that You’re a God who loves, heals, forgives, and never, ever abandons. Grant that I may be bold to share your love with those who desperately need it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I can't even imagine the hurt this boy feels. My prayer is that God will put someone is his path to let him know that he is loved by God, and that he is never alone. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

I was so upset when I read about the boy. I pray that he is loved by those that come across his path. I now have something to add to my prayer list. How could Nebraska pass this type of law. Thanks for this reminder to pray for all mankind. Susan

Gene Oden said...

Hard hitting message, and important reminder for all of us that God will never abandon us. I kind of like your 13 year-old son, too!

Shelly said...

Oh wow how awful is that!! Why? Even all the stuff that my son has done my love for him is never ending no matter what he does. I know I am FAR from being a great mother, but I could NEVER do such a thing. How heart broken that baby must be. I pray that God takes him in his arms and guides him to a life and love he deserves.

Leslie Oden said...

Shelly, I think you are the best kind of mom, one who loves her children no matter what....The saddest thing about the story of the abandoned boy is that he was the **18th** child abandoned under this new law. That ought to make someone besides me really angry!